K9Grass ®

The synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs

Why K9Grass® ?

K9Grass ® offers a cleaner, safer, and better scent environments for pets. You can also forget about dealing with cold concrete, gravel, mulch, muddy lawns, or dirty paws. Not only is K9Grass great for residential uses, but it also means commercial pet facilities will have less long-term costs and a cleaner area for pets.

K9Grass® has an exclusive flow-through backing, short dense blades, and AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection. K9Grass comes in two varieties: Lite and Classic.

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K9Grass Classic

K9Grass Classic has an exclusive flow-through backing and a short dense blade structure.

K9Grass Lite

K9Grass Lite is simply a lighter, less dense version of the classic K9Grass.

Dog playing fetch on ForeverLawn K9Grass

K9Grass was born from a need that traditional artificial turfs did not satisfy.

K9Grass® helps ensure pets and their human counterparts are happier with a cleaner and tidier lawn. You will no longer need to worry about your pet bringing mud into your home and urine drains with flow-through backing. Also, an anti-microbial agent helps to ensure that odors are kept at bay. K9Grass® can be washed, and its synthetic construction helps keep bugs away, including fleas!

Contact our experts so they can help ensure your satisfaction with your pet project while helping you obtain the best installation value. It is an investment that will help ensure the happiness of you and your pet.

ForeverLawn® Synthetic Grass - the most advanced, superior quality artificial turf available

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